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Eldridge and Castle's Selection of Shaving Razors Reviews

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Eldridge and Castle's Selection of Shaving Razors Reviews

  • J.M., Quincy, MA on

    I have purchased Parker’s 22R butterfly-open long handle safety razor a few years ago. It is very well designed and provides a very comfortable and smooth shave. The unique handle design gives it a very retro look and ensures a firm grip. The brass frames and fine chrome plating combination gives it heaviness as well as an outstanding appearance. My favorite feature is the well-engineered twist-to-open the razor head which ensures easy blade replacement and easy and thorough cleaning. A very beautiful and reliable product.

  • R. S., Somerville, MA on

    I purchased a collection of shaving items as a gift for a relative that’s new to shaving but that I knew would enjoy the classic style and ‘old world’ charm of the items. There was a nice selection of items and the order was fulfilled and shipped in a timely manner. All the items (shaving stand, razor, brush, soap and blades) looked even better in person and were really wonderfully and professionally packed – just perfect for gifts. This nice attention to details really does make a difference. I personally just loved the smell of the Eldridge and Castle Brattle shaving soap – the lemongrass is a really clean and refreshing scent! All of it is highly recommended.

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