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Eldridge and Castle's Selection of Shaving Soaps Reviews

Shaving Soaps Review

Eldridge & Castle's selection of fine shaving soaps is specially formulated to provide a light and luxurious shave.

  • A F - Needham, MA on

    I tried the Eldridge and castle handcrafted shaving soap. I first put Eldridge and castle soap on one side of my face and shaved using a Gillette razor. I then put my shaving soap for sensitive skin on the other side of my face and shaved again. I found that the Eldridge and castle soap left that side of my face feeling softer and moister then the other one. Although there was some scent on the soap, it wasn’t noticeable on my face. If you want a soft moist face, consider Eldridge and castle shaving soap.

  • R. S., Somerville, MA on

    I purchased a collection of shaving items as a gift for a relative that’s new to shaving but that I knew would enjoy the classic style and ‘old world’ charm of the items. There was a nice selection of items and the order was fulfilled and shipped in a timely manner. All the items (shaving stand, razor, brush, soap and blades) looked even better in person and were really wonderfully and professionally packed – just perfect for gifts. This nice attention to details really does make a difference. I personally just loved the smell of the Eldridge and Castle Brattle shaving soap – the lemongrass is a really clean and refreshing scent! All of it is highly recommended.

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