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Our mission is to provide you with the best quality shaving razors, brushes, aftershaves and other shaving accessories, at great prices and with free and fast shipping, allowing you to easily acquire the best shaving products from all over the world

New England based Eldridge & Castle, LLC, offers a range of classic shaving products including shaving soaps, aftershaves, shaving brushes and safety razors, featuring quality products from a number of countries, including US, Italy, China, Spain, South Korea, Germany, India, England and Russia.
Over the past few years there was a growing interest among all generations of shavers in bringing back the old school shaving products, departing from the mass produced, environmentally unfriendly, disposable and poor quality shaving accessories. Understanding the needs of the customers for unique, pleasurable, yet affordable classic shaving experience, we are dedicated to bringing to them superb products, envisioned and crafted in the most reputable factories and workshops, that satisfy the most demanding quality standards among shaving aficionados and earn the trust of shaving beginners.
Eldridge & Castle works with suppliers who follow the highest business and manufacturing standards, whether they are established global manufacturers from England, Germany or China or small local craft producers from Boston. Our selection is updated regularly to promote new appealing products from every corner of the world, made by the finest designers and shaving experts, and featuring top-notch materials and ingredients.
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