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Eldridge and Castle

Shaving Set: Shaving Soap, Brush and Shaving Bowl


Shaving Brush:

Classic high quality pure badger-hair shaving brush with finely designed solid wood handle. Perfect for effortless, luxurious shave and old fashioned shaving experience.

    Dimensions: 4" tall; 2" tall wooden handle; 1 1/4" diameter
    Weight: 1.35 oz

    Shaving Soap:

    Handcrafted Brattle shaving soap, specially formulated to provide a light and luxurious shave. 

    2 1/5" x 1 1/8"
    Weight: Approximately 2.8 oz

    Shaving Bowl:

    Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl features high quality craftsmanship and traditional design.

    Dimensions: 1 1/2" tall; 3 5/8" wide (3 1/8" opening); 2" wide base


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